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MS Network 6: Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to everyone who came to my talks at MS network 6 conference.

Here are the slides and demo files from my presentations:

Building an Adaptive UI for UWP apps        Slides     Demos

Data in UWP Apps: XML, JSON, SQLite, Entity Framework Core    Slides     Demos

Remember: to run the demos using SQLite, you must first go to Visual Studio ToolsUpdates and Extensions, select the Online category and search for SQLite for Universal Windows Apps. Install that package.

You must also go into the Project References for the projects, and if the SQLite for Universal Windows App Platform is listed but there is a yellow bang icon over it, delete the reference and then re-add it through Add Reference – you will find SQLite for Universal Windows Platform listed in the Extensions list under Universal Windows.

Once again – thanks for hosting me in Bosnia and Herzogovina Smile

NDC London 2013

I just spent 3 enjoyable days at the NDC conference in London. NDC usually stands for Norwegian Developer Conference which happens every June in Oslo, Norway and which is a popular conference – I really hope that I can speak there next June! The organisers of that, NDC Conferences, decided to bring their show to London – hence this weeks’ show – with NDC modified slightly to stand for ‘New Developer’s Conference’

And what a show! – great speakers, great food, large, comfortable venue, loads of sessions and an awesome party. Congratulations to NDC for putting on a great event, and I look forward to supporting them in future years.

My own contribution was two sessions: Windows Phone Networking Toolkit which was an update of a session I gave at TechEd this year, and which works through various topics related to effective network programming on Windows Phone, and Creating Killer Windows Phone Apps, a brand new session looking at ways to improve the quality of your apps. That went well and I look forward to repeating it somewhere soon. It looks at correct use of the animations in the Windows Phone Toolkit, programming Push Notifications using Windows Azure Notifications Hubs, localizing your app with the Multilingual Toolkit and reducing your memory footprint to improve your apps performance on low memory devices.

The slides for the sessions are available here: