MS Network 6: Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to everyone who came to my talks at MS network 6 conference.

Here are the slides and demo files from my presentations:

Building an Adaptive UI for UWP apps        Slides     Demos

Data in UWP Apps: XML, JSON, SQLite, Entity Framework Core    Slides     Demos

Remember: to run the demos using SQLite, you must first go to Visual Studio ToolsUpdates and Extensions, select the Online category and search for SQLite for Universal Windows Apps. Install that package.

You must also go into the Project References for the projects, and if the SQLite for Universal Windows App Platform is listed but there is a yellow bang icon over it, delete the reference and then re-add it through Add Reference – you will find SQLite for Universal Windows Platform listed in the Extensions list under Universal Windows.

Once again – thanks for hosting me in Bosnia and Herzogovina Smile

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