Building Windows Phone, Windows and Universal Apps: Winter Events Series!

*Update*: Apologies, we’ve had to cancel the Dev Workshop on Thursday 20th November.

In the late summer, we held a series of events aimed at Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 app developers intended to help you along the road to getting an app published in the Windows Store, whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced app developer.

We are running a new series of those events this winter. We start with two one-hour webinars run back-to-back, follow those with a one day workshop at Microsoft’s offices in Victoria, London, and wrap up with a ‘Publish to the Store’ hack event again at Microsoft London:

Webinar 1: Windows Apps JumpStart LIVE Series – Kick Starter Webinar for the non C#/XAML developer: This one hour webinar is aimed at developers who are completely new to Visual Studio, XAML, C# and .NET. This will give you what they need to get started with downloading Visual Studio, a little bit of knowledge of C# and the structure of a XAML-based app.
Online webinar
Friday 7 Nov 2014  10:00 –11:00

Webinar 2: Windows Apps JumpStart LIVE Series – JumpStart Webinar: Building Universal Apps with C# and XAML: This one hour webinar follows on straight away after the previous one. It is aimed at developers who are new to Windows Store app development, but who have some experience of developing software using .NET, or for those who have attended the previous webinar.
Online webinar
Friday 7 Nov 2014    11:00 – 12:00

Following on from the webinars, we have a one-day dev camp:

Dev camp: Windows Apps JumpStart LIVE Series: Windows Apps Dev Workshop
This one day event will be help at Microsoft’s offices near Victoria Station, London, running 9:30 – 17:30. At this workshop, you will learn how to program Windows and Windows Phone apps, including universal apps that run on both. There will be Hands-on Labs available, and you can get tips and advice from Microsoft experts and from peers in the developer community. There’ll be some giveaways as well Smile
Dev camp
Sorry! This one has had to be cancelled…

And following on from that, we have a one-day Publish hackathon:

Publish event: Windows Apps JumpStart LIVE Series: Publish Hackathon
This informal one-day event will also be held at Microsoft’s building in London, running 9:00 – 21:00 on a Saturday. This is a fun 12 hour event encouraging developers to bring their existing projects (apps/cloud projects) to polish and publish through to the last mile with help from Microsoft and community experts. There’ll be pizza and drinks and prizes too!
Publish Hack event
Saturday 13 December 2014
    09:00 – 21:00

Come along and join us – and if you don’t manage to publish an app this quarter, remember we are repeating these events again the first half of next year so you can get started now and then come and join us again later!

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