How to fix Windows 10 Explorer ‘Send To’ only showing Bluetooth Device

In my job, I obviously install pre-release versions of Microsoft products frequently, and so it has been with Windows 10. I’ve installed lots of early builds to weed out problems and to help get it into the best possible shape.

In a number of early builds, I found that the Windows Explorer right-click menu Send To feature often broke on my machine. It would show only ‘Bluetooth Device’ in the available destinations list and not all the others, including Compressed (zipped) folder which is the one I use the most, for building archives of projects to email to people when they ask me questions.

Well, in the past I put up with it just being one of those things with pre-release and waited for the next build, which would usually fix it. Well – it’s now happened on my official work PC which is still running 10240 – the public release.

So, I can no longer ignore this and I needed a fix. After much searching through forums and trying various reg files and dismissing other advice that was clearly wide of the mark, I found the answer in the comments to this here: . So thank you ‘hillyhill’ who replied with the answer that worked for me.

In short, the solution is:

  • Press Windows + r – this brings up the Run dialog
  • In the open box, enter shell:sendto and press OK
  • This opens an explorer window where you will see a list of the items that should appear on your Send To destinations list
  • If there is a 0 bytes entry second in the list called Bluetooth, delete it. This is a bad file that stops the list from displaying
  • That’s it! You should have all your Send To destinations back Smile

Of course, that worked for me and your mileage may vary. Let me know in the comments if you have any different experiences.

26 thoughts on “How to fix Windows 10 Explorer ‘Send To’ only showing Bluetooth Device

  1. Branden

    I’ve been experiencing that same issue. I didn’t notice it until today, but I needed to compress some files and get them emailed over to my bank. This issue has been driving me crazy for the last few hours, but your solution worked perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kevin Kewell

    Thanks, worked a treat, spent wasted hours trying the things you tried to get there, Send To now working OK. Bluetooth!! Grr! How does the entry get there? First time seen on any build. Long serving insider. Kevin K

  3. John Young

    Brilliant – thanks a lot for this. It was driving me mad and this sorted it for me. The only difference is I had to delete two bluetooth shortcuts in there but now it works 🙂

  4. wr dameron

    Julie’s “Brilliant” is so right on! Thank you for giving without expectation of return other than the satisfaction you helped solve a problem others could not.



  5. Pam Leone

    Yes, thank you so much! It worked like a charm.
    One note is when I left clicked on the bad bluetooth file it took while for the pop up menu with delete and other options to appear (got that Windows spinning wheel -like it was going to crash) but, a few minutes later the menu appeared and I deleted the bad file and now my Send To has all the options back.

  6. Raymond Prischkoletto

    Thanks !
    I had the same problem although I received no message, just was unable to use “send to” (received a blank menu only)


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